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This is a side by side comparison of the different versions of Manhunter available. Director Michael Mann shot the movie on 35mm film stock. By matting of  the areas  top and bottom of the film, he was able  to create a widescreen effect better suited to cinema viewing. For TV and video releases, these matts were removed opening
the picture up to fill a 4:3 television screen. This allows for more picture to be viewed but can also expose a multitude of sins.  In some scenes in the movie, the boom
mike can clearly be seen. This would have been hidden by the mattes in the cinema version. As you can see below, the 1999 VHS widescreen version has more detail
left and right but less top and bottom.

Open-Matte / Pan and Scan version

4:3 DVD release.

Widescreen DVD version (region 2)

This shot has the matts removed and 
shows virtually the whole image. Other 
full-screen versions are zoomed in more.
Like this from the MGM 4:3 DVD. The 16:9 version has matts in place delivering the image as the director