The Second Draft Screenplay


Meeting Dr. Chilton

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I might have to show him some     
material that could stimulate him.

As long as it's on soft paper.  
You may(Pause) find this curious.

He pulls an EKG tape from a drawer and points to the
spiky lines.

Here Lecktor's resting on the     
examining table getting an        
electrocardiogram. Complained of  
chest pains. Pulse seventy-two.   

Here he grabs the nurse's head and
pulls her down to him. Here he's  
subdued by the attendant and      
Lecktor's shoulder is dislocated .
Do you notice the strange thing?  
His pulse never got over eighty-  
five. Even when he tore into her

Although this scene is restored in the director's cut version from Showtime, this portion of the script does include extra lines in reference to Lecter's violent nature.

Script Supplied by Andrew Holland.

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