The Second Draft Screenplay


Lecktor's Cell

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I thought you would have some ideas.


Why should I tell you?


There are things you don't have.   
Research materials... I could speak
to the Chief of Staff...?          


Chilton? Gruesome, isn't he? He     
fumbles at your head like a freshman
pulling at a panty girdle.          
He actually tries to give me a     
Thematic and Apperception test.    
Hah. Sat there waiting for MF-13 to
come up. It's a card with a woman  
in bed and a man in the foreground.
I was supposed to avoid a sexual   
interpretation. I laughed in his   
Never mind, it's boring.

This text comes from the restored cut Showtime
used although this dialogue on the left was left

Script Supplied by Andrew Holland.

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