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Lecter is being videotaped   These shots show Hannibal Lecktor being videotaped.
Why and when is not apparent. It could be while
Graham is talking to him. In 'The Silence of the Lambs',  Dr. Chilton secretly audio tapes Clarice Starling making a deal with Lecktor. Could it be that Dr Chilton is doing the same thing here?
  Original scan courtesy of Vincent Thibert.

  The most well known change is the removal of the scene featuring Dollarhyde's Red Dragon tattoo. Certainly, in the scene where Francis holds Freddie Lounds captive, he is wearing a shirt. When he is in bed with Reba, he is bare-chested with no tattoo to be seen. But once again, a publicity photos exist of actor Tom Noonan in the bed with the tattoo.   ....but in the movie, no tattoo.

I was fortunate enough to be able to ask Tom
Noonan about this and this is what he said;

"We shot every 'shirtless' scene in Manhunter
both with tattoo and without.  Michael Mann
made the choice in editing to use the scenes
without tattoo - I remember him saying that it
was 'too much' and it 'diminished' the
  Reba snuggles up to the tattoo-less  Dolarhyde.   The tattooed Dolarhyde.
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