Australia 2001 DVD Review
[Siren] [4:3 Widescreen Letterbox] [Region 4] [PAL] [117 minutes]
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The disc contains the 'hybrid' cut of the movie as per Anchor Bay's edition
and also the two specially made featurettes, "The Manhunter
Look, a
conversation with Cinematographer Dante Spinotti"
and "Inside

It therefore comes as a great disappointment that unlike Anchor Bay's presentation, the makers of this DVD had to make do with a 4:3 non-
anamorphic version in letterbox format. The box even claims the release
to be anamorphic but it isn't!

SIREN has since stated that this was the master that they were given.


  The region 1 disc's is slightly richer in texture and colour despite  the region 4
coming from the same source.

To make matters worse, the Dolby 5.1 soundtrack has been rejected in favour
of a 2.0 surround mix.

The disc does not come with a booklet or even a list of chapter stops. There
are no subtitles for the deaf or hard of hearing.

There is an 'Easter Egg' on the disc which takes you to a DVD  production
credits page. Try to highlight the torch light on the primary menu page to
access it.




Of the extra's, one addition to the set is 'The History of Hannibal' which is
a reprint of the article written by Andy Black and used in the booklet of the
Anchor Bay release. It's a very good article to be sure but is headache-
inducing to read pages of text in letterbox format.

Overall, the disc is fine if you have not got or never intend to get a widescreen
television or projector. By taking the non-anamorphic route the producers have 
short-changed a lot of people who deserve better.