US 2000 DVD Review - Ltd Edition
[Anchor Bay] [2:35:1] [Region 2] [NTSC] [117 minutes]
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The menu is very much in keeping with the atmosphere of the movie using music from the soundtrack and is nicely
animated, especially the movement between sub-menus.

A nice addition is the THX Optimode which is a series of testcards and sound tests which when used correctly,
can help you to get the most out of your viewing and listening.

Produced in conjunction with THX, the sound has been remixed for 5.1 and the picture is very good and
anamorphically presented for those of you with widescreen TV's.


The movie itself is presented anamorphically in the correct aspect ratio. Colours are rich enough, the image can be
grainy at times and suffers from some minor blemishes but nothing too distracting.


Finally we come to second DVD which contains Michael Mann's re-cut of the movie and contains quite a few
differences to the theatrical version of movie. This copy of the movie was provided by Michael Mann himself and
it has to be said that the picture quality is not great.

Overall the picture is too dark and lacks sharp detail and it is a shame that a better copy was notavailable but it was
either that or nothing at all. Bearing that in mind I am glad it was included. It is a video-derived copy of a pan and
scanned 4:3 recording that has had new mattes added and is anamorphically presented.

Sound is in Dolby Surround 2.0.


The extra's are what I was looking forward to seeing the most, and I was not disappointed. The trailer is  excellent,
a real slice of  the 1980's school of film promotion with 'Mr. Trailer Voice'  providing the narration. What's more
it is in good condition for it's age and is also presented anamorphically.

There are two featurettes. The first short feature is called The Manhunter Look, a conversation with
Cinematographer Dante Spinotti
and is very informative. My favourite though is Inside Manhunter
in which the main stars of the movie look back at their experience of making the film. This featurette
is excellent and extremely fascinating, particularly Tom Noonan's tale of how he completely immersed
himself it the role of Dollarhyde.

A 24 page collector's booklet is included in the package and is styled after the dossier that Will Graham
carries around with him. The pages are loose inside and contain essays and photographs and is a nice


This version of the film has been superseded by improved versions in all main DVD regions. What 
this version has that no other contains is the scene where Will Graham meets Dr. Chiltern for the 
first time on the low quality 'Director's Cut' version.