Japan DVD Review

[MGM/Foxjapan] [2:35:1] [Region 2] [NTSC] [120 minutes]

  Japan 2003  DVD coverAustralia DVD


From the Menu sound can be configured to English audio in 5.1 Dolby and English 5.1 DTS. 

There is no Japanese dubbed soundtrack. Subtitles are in English, and Japanese.


  The picture is presented in 16:9 anamorphic widescreen. The image quality is fine although
compared with the 2001 versions, the colours are more washed-out. The  credits which used
to be in green are now white.  MGM have used the same DVD master as their French disc.

Greens are muted throughout the movie. This appears be a director approved copy of the movie as it
closely match the colour-corrected version of the movie released summer 2003. 

Adjusting your television's colour settings gives a closer approximation to the original's look.




Just the US trailer. The lack of Anchor Bay supplements is a little disappointing though. Perhaps
MGM did not want to pay to license them and then have to subtitle them into Japanese. The DTS
soundtrack could constitute being an extra item as no other country can boast this at the time
of writing.

This was the best theatrical version of Manhunter to own at the time of writing. It is in it's true 2:35:1
ratio and uniquely at the time, has a DTS soundtrack.