If I go back, I'll only be looking at evidence.

  You're looking to get the old scent back aren't you Will ?   " You're nothing, you are an ant in the afterbirth."
FBI Investigator Will Graham

A man with an extraordinary talent. Graham
can mentally place himself in the nightmare landscape of a serial killers mind.

Doctor Hannibal Lecktor

An insane psychiatrist captured by Will Graham and the trigger to help stop another killer.


Francis Dollarhyde

A shy repressed man.

A serial murderer of entire families.

"Who are you?"

  "You're gonna make yourself sick or get yourself killed."   "How's he do 'em Will?"
Reba McClane

The object of Dollarhyde's desire and perhaps his salvation

Molly Graham

Will Graham's wife and soul mate.


Freddie Lounds

Sleazy tabloid journalist for The National

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