Comparing the Theatrical Cut with the Director's Preferred Version.

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There are several versions of Manhunter:

• Original theatrical cut.

• First Showtime cut which deleted the scene with Will on the dock after he shoots Dollarhyde and adds the scene with his visit to the next family.

• Second Showtime cut which added a scene with Will talking to a real estate agent about the Jacobi house, a scene with Will talking to Molly on the phone, and the scene with Will and Molly in the hotel room.

• First NBC cut, which is the same as the Second Showtime cut, with only the swearing being replaced, and Will's view of the crime scene photos sped up.

• Third Showtime cut which extends the Atlanta briefing room scene, adds a scene with Dr. Chilton, right before Will sees Lector for the first time, an extra scene in Lector's cell, a scene with Jack and Will in which Jack informs Will that they are bringing Molly to town to be with Will (for the hotel room scene). However, Showtime also trimmed parts from Will & Jack's argument right near the end. The credits at the start of the movie now overlap the beach scene in order to reduce the overall running time. This version is the version used on Anchor Bay's 2001 Director's Cut.

• Second NBC cut, which was then re-titled Red Dragon : The Pursuit of Hannibal Lector, and edited to fit within a 2 hour timeslot.

• The 'Hybrid' Cut: Erroneously issued by Anchor Bay as the Theatrical Version on the 2001 DVD set. Omits some footage from the theatrical cut and includes some footage from the Director's Cut.

• The 'Director's Preferred' Cut. Used on the Anchor Bay 2003 DVD. As per the third Showtime cut but omits Graham's meeting with Dr. Chilton.

Notes supplied by Andrew Holland

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Credits over the introduction scene.

Credits over the introduction scene.

Credits over the introduction scene.