Poland DVD Review

[Vision] [2:35:1] [Region 2] [NTSC] [117 minutes]

  Poland 2003  DVD coverAustralia DVD


The Menu system is can be configured to English audio in 5.1 and English 5.1 DTS-ES and English
with audio directly dubbed over the top by a single male Polish speaker (The menu option is called
'Lektor Polski' amusingly), unusual to native English speakers but maybe this is the common
practice in Poland. There is no full Polish dubbed soundtrack.

Subtitles are in Polish only


The movie itself is the 'Hybrid' version as seen on disc one of the original Anchor Bay release and
is presented anamorphically. As far as the picture quality goes, the Hybrid version is an excellent
print but the colour balance is different to Michael Mann's preferred scheme.

The menu system is very nicely realized with animated logo's and the soundtrack music accompanying
them. The scene selection picture's are actual moving images which is something I like to see.



The DVD contains the non-anamorphic US trailer with Polish narration and some brief biographical
information on the leads and Michael Mann..
The lack of Anchor Bay supplements is disappointing.
Maybe Vision did not want to pay to license them and then have to subtitle them into Polish..

Other trailer's on the disc are for Basic Instinct, The Sicilian, Total Recall, Narrow Margin, Jacob's
Ladder, The Producers and Rambo 3 all with Polish narration.  


The best thing about the Polish DVD are the excellent menu system and the packaging which, although made of card,
is really stylish. 

From a collector's standpoint, it's nice to own but offers little else in terms of content that isn't already out there.