Michael Mann - Screenwriter/Director

"The movie really is about the true violence of violence.
What life-taking aggression really is all about..." 
Source: Showtime

"Manhunter did get big play in Europe. I was doing a lot of
interviews for England for a long while after release. Which doesn't mean zip in terms of box office"

Source:  Empire Magazine

June Randall - Script Supervisor


"During the making of Manhunter, I had to work out the
moon cycles because the killer was a moon murderer. The
dialogue would say 'only 13 days to go' and I had to work
out, with the help of the local observatory when the moon
was half-full, quarter-full and full. I had to work out what
the dates were on the full moons of previous months
during the year, then I had to type all this out so that the
property master could mock up the newspapers with the 
correct dates." 
Source: Empire Magazine

William Petersen - Will Graham

"After 'Manhunter', I had to actually kill off the character.
I cut off most of my hair and dyed it blonde. I changed
my whole look just to get rid of him."

Brian Cox -   Hannibal Lecktor

"I was interested in that kind of childlike immorality that
Lecktor had, and while a lot of people get off on him, I
never imagined him as the heroic figure that he became. I
still have a problem with that."

Source: Entertainment Weekly

"...the difference between Anthony Hopkins's performance and my performance is that Tony Hopkins is mad and I am

Source: Projections 7

Tom Noonan   - Francis Dollarhyde

"We shot every 'shirtless' scene in Manhunter both with
tattoo and without. Michael Mann made the choice in
editing to use the scenes without the tattoo - I
remember him saying that it was 'too much' and it
'diminished' the character."