[Park Circus] [Blu-Ray Comparison]

The Japan Blu-Ray release of Manhunter arrived  in 2017, and boasts a slew of extra features.

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Japan Region A,B,C
A/R 2:35:1
Encode: AVC
Blu-Ray: 50GB Dual Layer

Theatrical Edition:
Running Time: 120 Minutes

English DTS Master Audio  2.0

Director's Cut:
Running Time:124 Minutes
English Dolby Digital 2.0

Subtitles: Japan

This disc carries many features from the Scream Factory Collector's Edition including:

Standard Definition Director's Cut
The Mind of Madness: An Interview with William Petersen
Courting a Killer: An interview with Joan Allen
Francis is Gone Forever: An Interview with Tom Noonan
The Eye of the Storm: An Interview with Dante Spinotti
The Music of Manhunter: Interviews with the composers and soundtrack artistes
The First Lecter: An Interview with Brian Cox
Theatrical Trailer

This version of the film has a lot to offer with both the Theatrical and Director's Cut
along with a host of extra materials and is friendly to English language speaking,
however it is an expensive purchase if imported.