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as 'CULT'EDITION ULTIMATE', this is a loaded 3-disc box-set with added value content unique to the French market.

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France Region B
A/R 2:35:1
Encode: AVC
Blu-Ray: 50GB Single Layer
DVD: Dual Layer

Running Time: 120 Minutes

French DTS Master Audio  2.0
English DTS Master Audio 5.1

Director's Cut
Running Time: 124 Minutes
French DTS Master Audio  2.0
English DTS Master Audio 5.1

Subtitles: French

·   The Mind of Madness: An interview with William Petersen

·   Courting a Killer: An interview with Joan Allen

·   Francis is Gone Forever: An Interview with Tom Noonan

·   The Eye of the Storm: An Interview with Dante Spinotti

·   The Music of Manhunter: Includes interview with the composers and soundtrack artistes                         

·   La musique chez Michael Mann: 28 Mins - with Christophe Geudin (Journalist & Music Critic) & Oliver Desbrosses (Cinema Critic and Soundtrack Specialist) an on-camera discussion of the Manhunter soundtrack.

·   Une analyse de séquence par Axel Cadieux (A sequence analysis by Axel Cadieux) 17 Mins - 4 short dissections of key moments commenting of the duality between Will Graham and Dollarhyde/Lecktor and also some of Mann's signature techniques.

·   Manhunter - Entretien avec Axel Cadieux (Interview with Axel Cadieux) - 27 mins - On camera interview with this film critic.

As I don't speak French I can't comment in any detail on the content of these extras but it's nice that unique extras tailored to that locality exist. The book that comes with the set "Des Crimes Dans La Tete" by Marc Toullec covers Mann's film output up to Blackhat and also briefly covers his earlier TV work (not just Miami Vice and Crime Story) and is illustrated with colour photos

The packaging is a sturdy box enclosing a digipak for 2 x BD and 1 x DVD plus the book.

So by no means definitive (no trailer of commentary) but a well put together package though to get the most out it, you need to understand French. At around £35 + p&p, it's not cheap but still comes recomended.