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Essentially a cut-down one-disc version of the eariler 2017 'CULT'EDITION ULTIMATE', it nonetheless boasts some of the added value content unique to the French market.

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France Region B
A/R 2:35:1
Encode: AVC
Blu-Ray: 25GB Single Layer

Running Time: 120 Minutes
French DTS Master Audio  2.0
English DTS Master Audio 5.1

Subtitles: French

   The Mind of Madness: An Interview with William Petersen

   Courting a Killer: An interview with Joan Allen

   Francis is Gone Forever: An Interview with Tom Noonan

   The Eye of the Storm: An Interview with Dante Spinotti

   The Music of Manhunter: Includes interview with the composers and soundtrack artistes                         

   La musique chez Michael Mann: with Christophe Geudin (Journalist & Music Critic) & Oliver Desbrosses (Cinema Critic and Soundtrack Specialist) an on-camera discussion of the Manhunter soundtrack. (28 mins, French language only)

As I don't speak French I can't comment in any detail on the content of the unique extras but it's nice that ESC can cater to this locality.