The Second Draft Script

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highlit aqua water burns out sections of the two men
imposed in front of it. The beach is white sand. JACK
CRAWFORD -- mid-forties, large -- came down from Washington.
His suitcoat over the driftwood log and his rolled-up white
sleeves says City, not Florida Keys. WILL GRAHAM -- late
thirties -- in a faded Hawaiian number and sun-bleached 
violet shorts, belongs. Graham smokes. Crawford drinks from
a glass of iced tea.
On the beach.

So begins page one of the second draft screenplay. We can clearly see that Writer/Director
Michael Mann had planned his opening down to the last detail. From paper to screen an
almost perfect description of the image on the right....apart from the faded Hawaiian number at least.

The following pages contain 4 extracts from the draft script to illustrate just some of the many
differences between this and the final feature.