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From the draft script dated August 22nd 1985:



becomes water. We start to hear a ratchet click.
A BOLT is tightened on a Cummins diesel head. The arm
tightening it belongs to WILL GRAHAM. Graham's sweat
shirt with cut-off sleeves is bleach-stained. He's tan
in violet shorts & wears work gloves. He senses and
looks up.

GRAHAM'S POV: JACK CRAWFORD very out of place in a
Washington D.C. suit. Graham stops working.

"We should have talked at the boat yard."

Open-matte still from Manhunter   The still-frame opposite represents a section from the beginning of the movie where Jack Crawford is asking Will Graham to return to the FBI.

In the letterbox versions, this area would be masked off but in this open-matte version, Graham is seen to say something but the dialogue has not been looped in post-production leaving William Petersen's words silent. This is probably probably a deliberate move. 

The second draft script does not appear to have a line that matches the lip movement so the line would appear to be a later addition.

An alternative theory is that William Petersen is prompting a forgetful Dennis Farina of his next line!

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