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  Leeds' House is used as the title music for Manhunter. The first synth chord coincides
with the first image we see, the roof of Dollarhydes's Dodge van. It fades out  as the credit
sequence ends and the sound of the ocean fades in at about 1:40.
Leeds House - The Reds        

Kitaro   Seiun does not appear on the official soundtrack release. It plays in at 05:00 as Will flips
over the photographs of the families and continues until 8:47 as the squad car pulls up
outside the Leeds' house. This track can be found on the Queen Millennia soundtrack.
Seiun - Kitaro        

  Leeds' House comes in again at 09:47 as Will opens the rear door of the house. It fades
out at 14:05 as Graham watches the home movies in the hotel room. It fades in again at
15:09 but is a variation with an added keyboard riff and fades out at 16:26. It fades in again
at 17:18 as Graham makes his first realization and fades out once more at 18:16.
Leeds House - The Reds