US 2003 DVD Review
[Anchor Bay] [2:35:1] [Region 1] [NTSC] [117 minutes]
  US 2003  DVD coverUS DVD


Presented here is Michael Mann's 'Director's preferred cut' of the Manhunter. Once again we presented
with a unique version of the movie that at the time was only available in this form in the US and UK. 

  One of the first discs in Anchor Bay's new DIVIMAX SERIES, this version of Manhunter is head and
shoulders above the last director's cut version that was released. It's by no means perfect as the
previously omitted footage has been acquired from the only available source, a copy from 1 inch
videotape. Considering this, the restoration work is very impressive. 

Sound is only 2.0 Surround and it is a pity that the 5.1 mix from the previous release could not be
adapted to fit this new cut.  

Around 6.00Mb/s average bitrate is displayed on my player going as high as 7.00.


Extra's include an audio commentary by Michael Mann, the trailer, still galleries, a poster and advertising gallery (courtesy of myself). and a DVD ROM copy of the screenplay (August 12 1985 draft).


The extra's are what I was looking forward to seeing the most, and I was not disappointed. The 
trailer is excellent, a real slice of  the 1980's school of film promotion with 'Mr. Booming Voice' 
providing the narration. What's more it is in good condition for it's age and is also presented 
anamorphically. There are two featurettes. The first short feature is called The Manhunter 
Look, a conversation with Cinematographer Dante Spinotti
and is very informative. My 
favourite though is Inside Manhunter in which the main stars of the movie look back at their
experience of making the film. This featurette is excellent and extremely fascinating, particularly
Tom Noonan's tale of how he completely immersed himself it the role of The Dragon.

A 24 page collector's booklet is included in the package and is styled after the dossier that 
Will Graham carries around with him. The pages are loose inside and contain essays and 
photographs and is a nice touch.

The Director's commentary is very educational for those wishing to learn more about the making of this
film. Mann calls it the Director's Preferred Version. It is different to the previous 'Director's Cut' as the
scene where Graham meets Dr. Chilton face-to-face is omitted.