US 2007 DVD Review
[MGM] [2:35:1 Widescreen] [Region 1] [NTSC] [117 minutes]
  US 2007  DVD coverUS DVD


With the exception of the trailer, this is a bare-bones release. The picture is framed at widescreen.

  MGM has used the theatrical version of the film prepared at the same time as the Anchor Bay and
Momentum releases that were the director's preferred version.


The only extra material on this disc is a Manhunter trailer in 16:9 and a selection of trailers for
Species, Species 3 and Unspeakable and Wicker Park all in 4:3.

There is also a well-edited montage trailer of other MGM horror films. The trailers are the same as
those on the previous MGM 4:3 DVD from 2004.


Buy the Japanese DVD for the best sounding theatrical version. The US Anchor Bay disc is best
for the Director's preferred version.